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Charly's Story

The path to Grace is as individual to each soul as one's finger print.


As individual as we all are, we each remain the apple of God's eye. Such is the case with Charly Jo Woods.


Charly Jo sustained an ABI,  acquired brain injury, after a car 

accident in the year 2000 left her in a coma on life support. In order to recover she had to learn to walk, and talk again. Charly had just gone out on her 18th birthday when everything she new, plus her approaching adulthood was ripped away from her.

I love my 



The following decade left Charly Jo searching to cope, to find some sort of stability, in marriage and in her two children but she lacked a foundation on which to build. After a divorce, things spiraled downward, and escaping pain became "existing"...not "living." Losing her children and with her drug use escalating, landing her in prison, she lost all that was important to her.


Little did Charly know, but that the gifts that had been bestowed to her would indeed be returned, but it took hitting the bottom of the barrel in prison for her to seek out the Lord, who helped her to seek others...and gave her HOPE.


In prison, the Lord led her to Rhonda Bear, a former inmate, who put Charly Jo into a His House Outreach program for helping women reintegrate into society - while rediscovering who they were, and more importantly who they were destined to become. 


With the help of this crucial program, Charly Jo has been blessed and has released all that she has become back to the Lord - in service. This includes a stable life without drugs, a home, employment, a new smile, and her children returned to her custody, as well as a firm foundation...that could have very well slipped through the cracks, forever. 


Charly Jo had to release everything in her life for the blessings to come back to her. "I love my life," she now beams, with a dazzling smile.


Charly Jo is a domino in the business of HOPE, now helping others also in the program. A "win-win" for inmates, the community, and a strong testament for LOVING ONE ANOTHER!

"Welcome back Charly Jo - we love you!"

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